Davis Shares Local Flavor on Tide and Thyme


By Krystle Bono — Tide nor time wait for no man, and for Chincoteague resident Laura Davis, that was the quote her dad would always say that would eventually become the inspiration behind the name of her popular food blog, Tide and Thyme.

Davis, who began her blogging adventure back in 2007, started sharing her recipes, which would in time evolve into her blog, as a way to keep connected while she raised her three boys.

“I stayed at home and took care of my baby, and then it ended up being three of them, but it was a good connection to the outside world. I was sharing recipes with friends on message boards at the time. We were always asking what we were having for dinner, so it was always dishes that I was making for my family and taking pictures of and sharing it,” said Davis.

The inspiration came from the quote, but Davis wanted to make sure it embodied the best of both of her worlds.

“I had chosen the name ‘Tide and Thyme’ way back when. It’s funny, for a long time there wasn’t much tide. I wanted something that incorporated kitcheny-ness, with coastal-ness, so, I debated about a few things and finally settled on that. We were living in Pocomoke at the time. Once we moved back five years ago, we got a better boat and started spending more time out on the water at Little Beach. Plus, I mean this gorgeous landscape we have here, I’m always sharing a good sunset photo or beach photo or marsh photo, whatever it is, and I noticed I’ve started to get more of a return from that kind of posts and stuff like that more than food. The food is great, but I feel like what makes me unique as a food blogger or blogger, in general, is my lifestyle. So, I’ve been trying to branch out a little. It’s still me, it’s still fully authentic. I try and keep it real.”

Davis pointed out where Little Beach was located, which could be seen from Memorial Park. The spot, which is angled parallel to the park’s dock, boasts views of the Assateague Lighthouse, as well as the Chincoteague ponies during certain times of the day. It’s the local spot, and she said, it’s been that way since the 60s.

Although Davis does admit she has thought about the possibility of opening a business, she is content with how things are now, grilling out and soaking up everything the island has to offer.

“It’s always just been fun, I haven’t really thought about it as like business. I think that’s what’s great, especially with the environment here with the small town and businesses. It’s nice I’m not chained to anything physically, having to work there all the time. Maybe one day, when the boys are grown, I always thought it would be fun to have a bakery or a bistro. Restaurants are a lot of work though, I’d rather be making cheese-burgers on the boat!”

Cheeseburgers are a go-to meal on their boat, Flat Bottomed Girl, and Davis said other favorites are sweet-tea brined chicken, marinated shrimp skewers, crabs, or clam bake packets. She can prep most of these meals the day before, and the packets can be substituted with lots of different foods, which makes for a variety of options as easy, but good, meals.


“I love local seafood and produce and try to use that as much as I can, and this is the perfect time of year for it because it is in abundance. We do a lot of camping and stuff like that, and we love the packet meals where you can just throw things and wrap it up in aluminum foil and throw it on the grill.”

Davis’ blog, www.tideandthyme.com offers not only food options, but drinks as well. The latest post offers a sweet Game of Thrones themed drink, Lannister Lemonade. Her recipes have been shared and featured in numerous online publications, as well as A Taste of Home and DelmarvaLife.

“It’s very special here. It’s a slice of life that people don’t get to see, whether they come here on vacation, or they are in the midwest. Coastal stuff is hot right now. I feel like I’ve got it pretty made in the shade. I can’t complain.”

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