Former Hallwood Clerk Charged with 65 Felonies

Angela Taylor

By Linda Cicoira — Angela Hinman Taylor, the former Hallwood clerk who was storing town financial records in her car in 2017 when it burned in a fire, was charged late last week with 65 felony counts of embezzlement.

Bond and release order forms were filed Friday in Accomack General District Court. But the warrants that give details about each charge were not yet handed in.

Taylor, who also goes by Angel, 46, of Hall Street in Hallwood, was arrested Wednesday, Jan. 30. She was released on $5,500 bond. Conditions of the bond include not being allowed to leave the state; be on good behavior; refrain from possessing a firearm, destructive device, or dangerous weapon; refrain from excessive use of alcohol or illegal drugs; and maintain or seek employment.

The special agent in charge of the case was not available for comment. A reporter was told he is attending “school” this week. His supervisor was also not in the office Monday, Feb. 4. 

Mayor Jackie Poulson of Hallwood said he was told that there would be 65 charges but he does not know any other details. “That’s a lot of charges,” he said. “Just hearing people talking.”

The car fire occurred a couple of days before the financial documents were to be turned over for a long-overdue audit, town officials have reported. Taylor lives about 350 yards from the town office and mostly did the town work at her home. The fire occurred about five miles from Hallwood on Wessells Farm Road. The vehicle was hauled to a local salvage yard, crushed and taken away before the town found out about it, Poulson previously stated.

The Eastern Shore Post will have more information as additional details are disclosed.

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