Rape Case Referred For More Investigation


By Linda Cicoira
A rape case set for trial last week in circuit court was referred back the Accomack County Sheriff’s Office for further investigation, according to Commonwealth’s Attorney Spencer Morgan.
The charge against Lance Barrett Rew, 27, of Boston Road in Craddockville, is officially marked as one that will not be prosecuted, court records show.
The 21-year-old victim went with Rew to his house for a party on March 18, 2018. “She had been drinking and went to a bedroom in the home to lie down,” court records stated. She said two men came into the dark room and assaulted her.
The woman told authorities she “kept saying, ‘no’ but they would not stop.” According to a warrant, police seized bedding, bullet casings, a partial box of ammo, a shotgun shell, and a rifle.
The victim told authorities the two men were taking her back to her home when Rew talked about shooting her in the head, the court documents also stated.
“Council for the defendant provided the commonwealth with new evidence including video from the party and evidence raising significant questions of the credibility of a witness, which is not the victim,” said Morgan.
A charge of rape against Nakia Keetwon Reid, 26, of Linhaven Circle near Painter, was also initially made in connection with the incident. It was dismissed last May.
In another case, Kim Yun, also known as Joshua, 19, of Vanalden Avenue in Northridge, Calif., was sentenced to 10 years in prison with all but two years and six months suspended for carnal knowledge of a 13-year-old. The incident occurred between April 4 and May 31, 2017.
Osie Lee Warren, of Melfa, pleaded guilty to two counts of forging and uttering checks last August. Sentencing was deferred.

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