Death of Arizona Student from Shore Ruled a Drowning


By Linda Cicoira
Kain Michael Turner, a 21-year-old Northern Arizona University student from Modest Town, died in December from accidental “freshwater drowning due to cold water immersion” and “acute alcohol intoxication,” according to a medical examiner’s report.
The young man’s body was found “partially submerged in the Rio de Flag” canal in downtown Flagstaff, Ariz., on Dec. 3, 2018, near a bar where he was seen drinking the previous night. Earlier that evening, Dec. 2, 2018, he also attended a sorority semi-formal.
A woman, who was passing by the canal, saw him walking in the water near where he was found. Turner refused the woman’s assistance and walked away.
“The overnight temperatures when he was last known to be alive were below freezing,” Dr. Michael Madsen, assistant medical examiner, wrote in the file. “Toxicology testing was significant for alcohol intoxication, with a blood ethanol concentration of .202 percent. Testing was negative for common drugs of abuse.”
According to a police report, “He was very intoxicated by the end of the formal, but he went home and changed into clothes to go out to the bars downtown.” At about 1 a.m., he was “kicked out of a bar.”
Turner’s fraternity brothers from the Nu Alpha chapter of Phi Gamma Delta went looking for him the next day after learning of his disappearance. They read on social media about the woman who offered to help him. A report of Turner’s disappearance had been made to
The brothers searched for Turner and found his body in the canal.
Turner had a black belt in karate and was a star high school wrestler and soccer player at Arcadia High School.

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