County Owed More Than $500K in Taxes on Top 35-Owing Parcels

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By Linda Cicoira-  The top 35 parcels in Accomack with outstanding real estate tax bills showed more than half a million dollars in tax debt, according to county figures released this week. The list is based on information compiled as of Aug. 22.

At the top of the tally is American Family Services Inc., which owns the former Arcadia Nursing & Rehab Center building, at Gargatha, and closed earlier this year. A chart shows the company is in Baton Rouge, La., that owes $36,130 to the county for the Lankford Highway property.

An assisted living facility in Onancock that was taken over by the Eastern Shore Community Services closed recently. Oreze Healthcare LLC, which traded as G F Horne, lost its license, which caused the agency to step in and eventually relocate residents. Oreze owes $9,883 in back taxes for the Hartman Road property.

Edward Lunn Tull, a Chincoteague developer, is next on the list and had five delinquent parcels with tax debt totaling $86,529. But, those were only for his top parcels. Tull had dozens more parcels with unpaid tax bills, according to About 42 percent of the parcels that made the top debt list are on Chincoteague Island and account for nearly $223,000 of the total of $528,860.

Whispering Pines Inc., owner of the former motel in Tasley that was already dilapidated when it burned during the famous arson spree, owes a total of $31,335.57 in taxes on the remaining eyesore.

Benny F. Hall Sr., of Oak Hall, a local farmer, was listed as having a delinquent tax bill totaling $28,891 for properties on Greenbush Road and Lankford Highway.

In an unrelated incident, Hall was sentenced in U. S. District Court in Norfolk in July to six months in a federal prison for conversion of mortgaged property, a felony. Hall was ordered to surrender to serve his term before 2 p.m., Sept 28.

His crime was for selling “approximately 120,000 bushels of corn, which were mortgaged and pledged to Commodity Credit Corporation as security for the payment of certain loans totaling $276,277.87,” according to court records. The crime occurred between Oct. 23, 2014, and Sept. 5, 2017.

He was also prohibited from opening any new lines of credit or bank accounts without the permission of the federal probation office. He must submit to mental health evaluation and treatment as directed and pay a special assessment of $100.

General Farms & Land Co & William Prettyman of Virginia Beach was third on the list and owes $29,360 in real estate taxes for the Vaux Hall property near Bobtown. The property was listed in July for $800,000.

John Cherricks (heirs), of Chincoteague, owes a total of $43,096.75 in taxes for properties on Eastside Drive and Ridge Road on the island. Abbie Reese Flake, of New York City, owes $19,928.74 in back taxes on property off Crockett Town Road, on Chincoteague. Charles Jester Estate, of Dacula, Ga., owes $17,314 for unpaid taxes for a property listed as Jester, behind Willow. Dennis or Judy Kurtz, of Chincoteague, owes $15,060 on a property called Chandler’s Crest. Gerald F. Cannon (trustee), of Chincoteague, owes $14,921 for property on Sunset Drive Circle, on the island.

Islands Pride LLC, of Melford, Del., showed a total delinquent tax of $24,294 for two properties on Chicken City Road, on Chincoteague. Delaware’s corporation site had a post for the company that stated, “This is not a statement of good standing.” It was associated with a company named CND Properties LLC, which had the same posting.

John Ronald Edwards, of Melfa, the former owner of Tammy and Johnny’s, a restaurant known for its fried chicken that closed earlier this year under orders from the health department, has a delinquent tax bill of $12,645 for the facility.

Herbert Trader, in care of Eartha Kelley, of Mappsville, has an outstanding tax bill of $14,456 for property on Bloxom Lane. Amanda Reed, of Onancock, owes $14,046 for property on Fairgrounds Road. Alice Hurst, in care of Berkley Windsor, of Melfa, owes $11,687 in back real estate taxes. Stewart or Elizabeth Scott, of Melfa, owes $11,464 for a parcel on Yeo Neck Run Road.

Shirley Evans and Elaine Kimble, of Parksley, in care of Shirley Loga, have an outstanding tax bill of $11,347 for property on Justisville Road. Mark or Rebecca Schweitzer, of Huntingdon Valley, Pa., owes $11,302 in taxes for a Bay Watch lot in New Church. Diane Williams, of Melfa, owes $11,174 for Savagetown Road property. Spuddog Farm Properties, of Oak Hall, has an outstanding balance of $11,146 for a Long Lane parcel in Temperanceville.

Craig Hastings, of Onley, owes $10,710 for property on East Main Street. Jack and Jane Thompson, of Oak Hall, have a tax debt of $10,610 for property on Thompson Lane. Russell or Sharon Gallo, of Flemington, N.J., owes $10,515 in back taxes for property on Bayside Drive, in Greenbackville.

Edna Starr Pruitt, of Tangier, has a delinquent tax bill of $10,263 for property on West Ridge Road on the island. Armando Suarez and Kimberlee Kondrat, of Onancock, owe $9,568 on a Market Street property

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