Pipe Bombs, Drugs, Guns, Ammo Seized From Onancock Home


By Linda Cicoira — Two pipe bombs, verified by experts as being “explosive,” were seized by authorities last week during a search of an Onancock home where more than 21 grams of cocaine were also found. The resident was charged with seven felonies and is being held without bond.

An online dictionary described a pipe bomb as being “a homemade bomb … consisting of blasting powder encased in a metal pipe to increase the blast effect.”

Court records state Trooper Brandon M. Tripp and other officers went to the bungalow at 26 Boundary Ave. in search of a suspect in a hit-and-run traffic accident that occurred earlier on Tuesday, Aug. 14. 

The troopers found Tomonte Lamar “Monte” Finney, 21, of Boggs Road in Painter, who admitted to driving the vehicle that was in the crash on Boggs Road. Finney was later charged with the misdemeanor offense.

But that wasn’t all that was discovered. There was an odor of marijuana coming from the Onancock house. Finney had answered the door and then told the officers no one else was there. But Tripp heard the door being locked.

When Tripp knocked again, another man answered and odor of burning marijuana again floated out. Trooper Clifton Hughes conducted a sweep for any people and to secure the residence for preparation of a search warrant, the record stated.

A search warrant was obtained and officers seized the bombs, ammo, a total of $2,858 in cash, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, scales with white residue, fentanyl, a bulletproof vest, six guns, several off-white powders, packaging materials, two cell phones, two laptops, grinders, and drug paraphernalia.

Rashem Huhi Aman-Re, previously known as Terrell Stewart, 39, the second person to answer the door, was charged with two counts of manufacturing explosive devices, possession of a firearm by a felon, possession of a stolen firearm, possession with intent to distribute a Schedule I or II drug, possession of cocaine, and two counts of possession of a Schedule I or II drug, all felonies. Aman-Re was also charged with misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of marijuana.

A warrant stated Aman-Re is a felon with convictions of robbery and abduction from 1999. Documents stated he has lived on Eastern Shore his entire life. Two of the six firearms were found in the man’s bedroom; both of the pipe bombs also were in the bedroom. A bomb was found “in the left pocket of a jacket hanging in his closet,” according to the court paper. “One would reasonably believe that Aman-Re physically touched these items and knew of their existence.”

“In the living room a scale with white power residue was in plain view on the coffee table,” a court document stated. “I entered the bedroom and further discovered a loaded pistol underneath the dresser in plain view. I then spotted a small baggie of marijuana on a nightstand. In plain view, there was a large sum of cash and a pipe bomb in a glass bowl in plain view. Further investigation in an opened closet discovered a large sum of cash and a baggie with suspected crack cocaine. Underneath the bed was a loaded M&P handgun that came back stolen along with more drug paraphernalia.” 

Preliminary hearings for both men were set for September.

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